The place where traditionally disparate areas overlap is one of the richest places to mine for marketing and creative success. Having begun my marketing career as a writer and designer, I know that the details of a project can add tremendous value when they come together beautifully. And after years in marketing management, I have also come to value the importance of clear strategic planning. Without a strong foundation, marketing programs are bound to fall short, even when executed flawlessly.

The crafts of writing and design often call for types of creativity different than those needed for business success. One of the guiding principles of my career has been to bring together the different pieces of the marketing picture — detail and strategy, creativity and planning, design and words — in order to build exceptional marketing programs, campaigns, departments and stories.

Great marketing is more than the sum of its parts. It is compelling, exciting and highly efficient.

For those of us who enjoy the work... it’s also a lot of fun.